The Fornite Phenomenon

What is Fortnite?

Even though the game was released in late 2017, 2018 is going to go down as the year of Fortnite. When it comes to video games at least. The game has taken over every console, YouTube and Instagram. Also, it has taken the millennial generation by storm. It’s an incredibly addicting game, the most famous players include Drake and a player who goes by Ninja on YouTube. If you love playing Fortnite, you’ll also love playing Battlefield V


Flying Sequence In Fortnite

Fortnite started as a zombie-apocalypse game, where the player focuses on killing zombies, either in solo mode or with friends. Eventually the game adopted a “Battle Royale” mode in which the player faces off in a match of 100 players. The game is a free-for-all, and there is a solo, duo, and squad mode which has 4 players per team. So you won’t have to use a cell phone spy app

Battle Royale

According to Wikipedia (the most accurate modern encyclopedia), a Battle Royale game is one that mixes survival, exploration, and scavenging elements in a last-man standing style game. That is what Fortnite does. It’s a third-person shooter where the characters start in a flying bus over the map. How fun does that sound?

As the bus makes its way further across the map, players have the option of jumping out of the bus. Once the players depart from the bus, they skydive to the ground and must scavenge buildings, cities, and farms. In order to find weapons and items that they can use to help them eliminate other players to be the last one.

The Item Shop

One important fact about Fortnite is that it is free to play. While players don’t have to spend money to play the game, they will have to spend money if they want some of the cool items available in the item shop. The currency of Fortnite is called “V-Bucks,” and with it players are able to purchase different clothes, emotes, and other accessories that can be used throughout the game. These provide no “competitive advantage,” as the fine print says, but they do give some style to your character.


Shooting Sequence In Fortnite

The Competition

Fortnite is known for being incredibly fun and addictive. What makes it so is the competitive nature of the game. Because it’s a free-for-all, it’s hard to win, and there are so many decisions that have to be made every single match. Each one could lead to a victory or to a defeat. In order to win, you must master a perfect balance of aggression and caution. After plenty of practice and developing an effective strategy, you will have a much better chance of finally winning.

Fortnite is currently the most-played video game in the world, according to Its popularity will likely increase as time goes on, especially since it’s free-to-play and has the ability to update itself to keep new things coming at its large fan base. If you haven’t tried Fortnite yet, give it a try and see what the whole world is excited about. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the best shooters on Xbox One